‘Incorporated’ goes live

As some of you already know, all of the mashups from our album ‘Incorporated’ have been leaked onto the p2p networks. This development, coupled with our frustrating year-long struggle to secure proper licensing for all the tracks, has prompted us to reconsider our plan to release the album conventionally.

So we’re giving it away.

Although The Legion of Doom cannot legally manufacture or distribute the album, we are taking steps to make the mashups we have created as widely available as possible. The first step is the complete redesign of our website and inclusion of the User Forum, with a section dedicated to facilitating the free trade of our mashups among the users. We’re counting on our network of users to distribute the tracks far and wide.

It’s bootleg time.

If you’re looking for the album, hit up the p2p networks (eDonkey2000, FastTrack, Gnutella, et al – visit Slyck for more info) and our User Forum. Some forms of the album are incomplete or in the incorrect sequence – please refer to the WORK section of our site for the complete tracklisting in our intended sequence.

Some third parties beyond our control have already been distributing the album on CDR…if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one, copy it, rip it, share it. But don’t ask us for one.

12 Responses to “‘Incorporated’ goes live”

  1. chaka Says:

    OMG I need this album! My brothers already have it but they’re always mean to me.

  2. this_is_chi Says:

    album sounds great guys!

  3. JerrodFlusche Says:

    Hey guys,

    Sorry about your album. Anyways hit me up cause i’m really interested in listening/buying whatever a copy.


  4. P1rat3 Says:

    haha. I got the CD a little bit ago. I’m seeding it on iso hunt for all of you leechers who want to download it.


    that’s the link. You need a bittorrent to download though.

  5. BillyBobThorntz0r Says:

    amazing work guys, excellent.

  6. Brandonno Says:

    w0rd, Ive been waiting a long time since August lol for this cd to finally be releashed and now here it is.

    I Love it.

    v.v. excited to see what the legion has in store for future projects

  7. Mashr » Incorporated Says:

    [...] The Legion of Doom haben ein Mashup-Album produziert und entgegen der üblichen Handlungsweise wollten sie das Teil legal veröffentlichen. Durften Sie aber nicht, weil sie die Lizenzen nicht bekamen, was ja schon wieder die Blind-, Stur- und Herzlosigkeit der Musikindustrie unterstreicht. So what, das Album gibt es mittlerweile in den gängigen P2P-Netzwerken. Einfach bei Isohunt „Incorporated“ eingeben und es ist da. Einfach so. [...]

  8. MarkNewby Says:

    Guys, from what i’ve heard of the album already through various sources this is a masterpiece. I’d imagine you don’t want people commenting on the legal thing that happened with TBS, but all I can say is it’s their loss, and i for one won’t be buying their merch / discs again.

    I think you should get a paypal DONATE button or similar placed on here soon – we’re not buying the album that way, but we’re showing how truely greatful we are of your hard work :)

    I find it strange how when my mashup for british band Muse was discovered by the bands management, it was quickly added to the official website and hosted there with a comment board and everything. It seems that with big label american bands however, the only thing of interest (to the managers / A&R people – not slating the bands here, i know it’s probably not their fault) is money and how much they’ll get.

    Anyways, Keep up the good work guys,
    Mark Newby aka DJ Distomak
    [p.s. my Muse mashup is called Blackout [The Awakening Mix]]

  9. driftkid Says:

    theres 14 songs but the ones you cna download has 10. =[

  10. Mizike Says:

    does anybody have any songs that you can download to a mac

  11. shin.akuma Says:

    dude how can i get my hands on this ( man! i realy needs this so bad i keep burning up the stuff you guys maid and i need more please!!!!!!!!!)

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    The Legion of Doom » Blog Archive » ?Incorporated? goes live

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