‘Incorporated’ on CD?!!

We said it would never happen.

But incredibly, it is happening: The mashup album ‘Incorporated,’ that elusive free-roaming spectre of the world wide web, has been captured and made into a limited edition CD. Offered exclusively through the illegal art webshop, the ‘Incorporated’ CD is available now (release date: March 6).

This high-quality CD contains the full-resolution audio of all fourteen mashups, as originally created by the Legion of Doom (see the WORK page for the complete track listing), professionally mastered and enclosed in a unique wallet-style package featuring the Derek Hess cover art we know and love.

The first pressing is limited to 3000 copies, and further pressings are uncertain.


As always, we will continue to encourage and support the free sharing of ‘Incorporated’ through the FORUM.


7 Responses to “‘Incorporated’ on CD?!!”

  1. jajablon Says:

    YES! how did you get all the bands to agree? i heard that TBS threw a hissy fit over ‘i know what you buried last summer.’

  2. limited Says:

    will it be coming out in canada??

  3. travizzt07 Says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s illegal… but what the hell.. I’m going to preorder it ASAP

  4. FirestormX Says:

    YES YES YES! Pre-ordering now! =D
    Will this result in us not being alowed to share incorporated on the forum anymore? If not, will I be able to share the higher quality album?

  5. FirestormX Says:

    Heh, wow, I suck at reading. I got so excited about this (and went off to order the CD) that I didn’t finish reading the bottom of the news post. XD

  6. travizzt07 Says:

    I thought about not ordering it, but after a couple of days of debating… I decided that, even through I have all the songs and everything else, I’ll still get the cd. Call me mad or crazy but I would much rather have a CD of good quality to play in my car then the one I made which totally sucks. Oh well, I don’t regret it whatsoever

  7. Musician Profile – The Legion of Doom | Well Suited For Life Says:

    […] a CD they gave it away. Yep, you heard that right, free.¬†Though it was eventually released as a limited edition CD and is on iTunes, you can still find it all over the Internet for free and the band still […]

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