The Legion of Doom is the production team of musician/producer Trever Keith and engineer/programmer Chad Blinman.

Known for their densely layered production style and unconventional choice of source materials, the duo achieved notoriety in 2005 for their mashup album Incorporated, which took the unprecedented route of mashing songs by hardcore, emo and punk rock bands together with original beats, samples and (on a few tracks) rap vocals.

Originally conceived to be a fully licensed commercial release, Incorporated was stalled by legal entanglements until it was leaked online and ultimately released as a bootleg.  Despite no commercial presence the album became a viral sensation, downloaded over a million times through peer-to-peer sites and torrent networks, and inspiring dozens of fan-created YouTube videos.

The Legion of Doom have produced a number of other one-off mashups including the singular “Crazy as She Goes” (The Raconteurs vs Gnarls Barkley, featuring Mele Mel), and original works including the 2009 indie hip-hop album The Legion of Doom vs Triune.  Among their best known work are remixes commissioned for FlyleafSenses Fail, Thrice, Slayer, Skillet and others.